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      Sustainable Development Committee

      In order to actively promote sustainable management, ESG development direction, and corporate social responsibility-related corporate governance functions, our company established the "Sustainable Development Committee" in December 2022 as the decision-making and supervisory unit for sustainable development-related work. This aims to strengthen the company's operating system, commit to environmental conservation, and fulfill social responsibilities, allowing the board of directors to fulfill its duty of protecting the rights and interests of the company, employees, shareholders, and stakeholders.

      The members of the Sustainable Development Committee are all directors, with Chairman Jau-Yang Ho, serving as the convener of the committee. He is joined by independent directors Juu-En Chang, Yi-Zhang Lin and Wei-Ting Liu, and Acting General Manager Wei-Chung Lian, overseeing five working groups: Environmental Sustainability, Green Manufacturing, Green Supply Chain, Employee and Social Care, and Corporate Governance. The working group members come from various departments of the company, and through resource integration, implement the company's sustainable strategy, reporting to the board of directors at least once a year.


      Members’ Professional Qualifications and Experiences

      Please refer to Director resume

      Term of the incumbent Sustainable Development Committee members

      From December 30, 2022, to April 29, 2024.

      Powers of the Sustainable Development Committee

      1. The responsibilities of the committee are:

      (1) To formulate the company's sustainable development policies.

      (2) To develop the objectives, strategies, and implementation plans for sustainable development, including sustainable governance, integrity management, and environmental and social aspects.

      (3) To review, track, and revise the implementation and effectiveness of the company's sustainable development, and to report to the board of directors regularly.

      (4) To pay attention to the issues and supervise communication plans concerning various stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, government, non-profit organizations, communities, and media.

      2. Responsibilities of the functional groups: To implement sustainable development-related work, the committee assigns relevant business managers to form functional groups.

      Attendance of the Sustainable Development Committee in recent years
      Job title Full name Actual attendance Attendance by proxy Attendance rate (%) Note
      Convener Jau-Yang Ho 2 0 100
      Member Juu-En Chang 2 0 100
      Member Wei-Chung Lian 2 0 100
      Member Wei-Ting Liu 2 0 100
      Member Yi-Zhang Lin 2 0 100

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